Grapefruit League 2017 Schedule

A Grapefruit League 2017 schedule has not been released. Typically a Grapefruit League 2017 schedule would be released after the World Series, but there is a complicating event in 2017: the World Baseball Classic, which will displace some Grapefruit League teams. So planning for 20176 may be complicated. For notifications about a Grapefruit League 2017 schedule and other spring training news, please sign up for the Spring Training Online email newsletter.

The Grapefruit League 2017 Master Schedule covers the 15 teams training in Florida:

ATL = Atlanta Braves
BAL = Baltimore Orioles
BOS = Boston Red Sox
DET = Detroit Tigers
HOU = Houston Astros
MIA = Miami Marlins
MIN = Minnesota Twins
NYM = New York Mets
NYY = New York Yankees
PHI = Philadelphia Phillies
PIT = Pittsburgh Pirates
STL = St. Louis Cardinals
TB = Tampa Bay Rays
TOR = Toronto Blue Jays
WAS = Washington Nationals

Typically spring training begins in the middle of February with team workouts, with games beginning in the first week of March. In Florida, spring training is focused in four areas: the Gulf Coast, Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando, and the Treasure Coast.

Ed Smith Stadium, Baltimore Orioles spring training

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