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Cubs propose expansion of Sloan Park training facility

Chicago CubsMost fans won’t see these upgrades, but the Chicago Cubs are proposing an expansion of the team’s spring-training facility, Sloan Park, with a 22,000-square-foot pitching lab and additional upgrades to player spaces.

The Sloan Park complex has been the spring-training home to the Cubs since 2014. Player training spaces are closed to the public in a separate building on the west end of the Mesa property; Sloan Park, where games are played, is on the east end of the property.

The plans are in a preliminary stage before the city of Mesa, which owns the facility, so no word yet on budgets and completion dates.

The new pitching lab will be a basic installation of a prefab ClearSpan metal building, with enough open space for a sprint track and four pitching tunnels, as well as restrooms and a video room. In other MLB training camps, the pitching areas can be quite elaborate, with tech areas installed with sensors to model ideal pitching motions. The clubhouse additions will include dressing spaces for umpires and female staffers, as well as more office space. Populous is designing the additions.


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