Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training

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Capacity 8,000
Year Opened 1998
Dimensions 350L, 400C, 340R
Surface Grass
Local Airport Phoenix
Ticket Prices Field Box, $25; Infield Reserve, $19; Outfield Reserve, $17; Lawn Seating, $8.
Tickets on Sale Now
Ticket Line 800/933-7890
Ticket Web Site
Address 3600 N. 51st Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85031
Directions Take 51st Avenue (Exit 139 off I-10) north. Brewers Fields of Phoenix is on the left just before Indian School Road.

Maryvale Baseball Park

Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training: Cheeseheads in the Desert

(The spring-training home of the Milwaukee Brewers is being renovated for 2019. We’ll update this page after visiting the new facility.)

Hate crowds? Want to feel close to your favorite ballplayer, even if they don’t play for the Brew Crew? Then look no further than Brewers Fields of Phoenix, the spring-training home of the Milwaukee Brewers. This ballpark is the great secret of Cactus League spring training: because the Brewers don’t draw very well on their own (though attendance has been rising in recent years, thanks to a competitive team and the likes of young stars like Ryan Braun), there are usually good tickets available for almost every spring-training tilt. That’s why fans of visiting teams often outnumber Brewers fans for games against popular teams like the Cubbies or the Giants.

And no matter where your team allegiances lie, you’ll find Brewers Fields of Phoenix to be a very pleasant place to take in a baseball game. This stadium is within the city limits of Phoenix: Maryvale is a neighborhood in western Phoenix, bumping up against Glendale. It is a spacious ballpark: designed to accommodate two teams in the spring (a la Peoria or Surprise) but housing only the Brewers, there’s plenty of space surrounding the ballpark, as well as ample seating (7,000 seats, plus 1,000 or so on lawn seating) within.

The layout should be familiar to anyone who has visited a newer ballpark in the last decade: it utilizes the familiar plan of a rear concourse with ample concessions in back of the seating area, so you’re never out of view of the action. The 56-acre complex features five full major/minor league practice facilities, two half-field practice facilities, a major-league clubhouse, and a minor-league clubhouse. The minor-league facility is open before home games, so feel free to wander around and see the future Brewers in action.

Though pleasant, we’re talking rather basic facility here. There’s no huge grandstand, no huge façade announcing you’ve come to the right place. You’ll know you’re at the front gates because of the multistory sign (sans a Brewers logo, weirdly enough), not because of the basic metal fence marking the ballpark boundary. Yes, there are some clues you’re in a Brewers facility during the course of a game with the familiar Sausage Race and a traditional “Roll Out the Barrel” in the middle of the seventh. But everything at Brewers Fields of Phoenix is on the laid-back side, and that goes for branding efforts.

Maryvale Baseball Park

Brewers Fields of Phoenix is an afterthought for all but hardcore Brewers fans – but it’s definitely worth a visit if your favorite team happens to be the visiting team.

Spring Training History

The Milwaukee Brewers have spent every spring training in Arizona, a stretch beginning when the team was the Seattle Pilots: in 1969 the team’s history began with spring training in Tempe, which lasted through 1972. This was followed by springs in Sun City (1973-1985), Chandler (1986-1997) and then Phoenix (1998-present).

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Milwaukee Brewers Home | If You Go … | 2019 Schedule | Minor League Schedule | Roster

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