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New Spring Training Schwag for 2016

Bue Jays spring cap

We’re often asked about new items for spring training, and Major League Baseball is obliging with a line of new apparel that includes lighter-weight uniforms, several new cap designs, specially marked balls and other on-field elements.

Normally spring-training schwag is under the purview of the team stores, with team- and year-specific items available only in person. But MLB is rolling out a line of items specific to spring training, though some of the new uniforms, like the jersey material, will carry on through the regular season. Most fans will take note of the new designs, which basically amounts to a new alternative look for the team. The primary logos of each spring training league, which includes a highway-like road sign with state initials, are located on both caps and jerseys. On the caps, patches of these logos are on the left side, while the right side features an embossed American or National League logo. All jerseys will include the state logo patch on one of the sleeves. The names and numbers on the backs of all jerseys will feature a sublimated spring training design pattern featuring spring-training marks and the silhouetted batter logo. These sublimated designs are also found on the inside of the caps’ crowns.

A number of MLB teams have altered some part of their spring-training jerseys, but the D-backs, White Sox, Brewers and Rays have all-new designs:

  • The D-backs are going to wear their new red alternate jersey with a black diamond gradient on the shoulders
  • The White Sox utilize their “batter up” logo on the left chest
  • The Brewers will wear their new alternate navy jerseys with “Milwaukee” script across the front
  • The Rays sport the bright sunburst alternate mark on the left chest

Several teams will also sport new designs on New Era’s Diamond Era caps this spring training. Following are some of the most significant changes.

  • The D-backs will wear their new alternate cap featuring the snakehead logo, which was introduced in December
  • The White Sox have a black cap highlighting their ‘batter up’ logo in white stitching
  • The Tigers’ road cap is completely orange
  • The Royals’ “KC” now includes a crown over the top
  • In addition to their traditional “LA” cap, the Dodgers are adding a blue cap with a capital “D” in Dodgers script on the front
  • The Brewers new alternate cap features their iconic ball and glove logo
  • The Rangers “T” has an outline of the state of Texas behind it
  • The Blue Jays’ cap is navy and features a Maple Leaf in the same shade

Arizona Diamondbacks spring cap
White Sox spring cap

Royals spring cap

Milwaukee spring cap

Spring-training branding will also increase from previous years. Rawlings baseballs will be stamped with this year’s Grapefruit League and Cactus League logos. The bases used in every spring-training matchup will feature jewels of the league logos and the on-deck circles will also showcase the AZ and FL marks. Additionally, spring-training fields are scheduled to be stenciled with the Grapefruit and Cactus marks.

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