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The Complete Guide to Spring Training 2020 / Florida Now Updated with Schedules

Just a note that tentative spring-training schedules are out, and we’ve included them in an update to The Complete Guide to Spring Training 2020 / Florida.

We also have some news on the release front: the print edition will be in our offices early next week, which means we’ll be shipping right after Labor Day — earlier than scheduled.

We’re extending our special offer until those books ship. If you buy now, you’ll receive a print edition when it ships (complete with a schedule addendum) as well as a free immediate eBook download in Kindle, Nook or Apple Books formats. That free download does indeed have the most current schedule information. Follow the directions on the book-order page on how to redeem that free download.

We’re still expecting to ship The Complete Guide to Spring Training 2020 / Arizona the week of September 9, and we’re expecting to be posting schedules in the eBook edition of that title in the next few days.

For more information our spring-training titles, click here.

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