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Lee County: Let’s bring in another team

There’s the very real chance Lee County and Fort Myers will lose the Boston Red Sox as a tenant, but don’t say county commissioners don’t think big: they want to bring in a third team along with the BoSox and the Minnesota Twins. That would put four teams in the general region (the Tampa Bay Rays are moving spring-training operations to nearby Port Charlotte next year). It is an interesting strategy: while the Red Sox inch closer to a Sarasota move (both sides have exchanged terms for a move; Sarasota County is slated to make a counteroffer this week). At this point it’s all wishful thinking: there doesn’t seem to be enough money to building the Red Sox a new facility, never mind the money to build a facility for two. (Plus, we’re not quite sure the Red Sox want to share a facility, what with a solid offer from Sarasota already on the table.) The issue isn’t whether the market can support three teams — it can — the issue is whether Lee County and Fort Myers have at least $100 million for new facilities. More from the Fort Myers News-Press.

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