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Ft. Myers newspaper: John Henry just doesn’t like town, so BoSox will move

The Fort Myers newspaper has decided why the Boston Red Sox are looking at spring-training operations to Sarasota: it’s not because of the promise of a new ballpark or land for limited development — it’s the fact co-owner John Henry reportedly would prefer to spend February and March in Sarasota because he finds Fort Myers to be too low-rent. Or that’s the claim by former Fort Myers Mayor Wilbur Smith, who helped bring the Red Sox to Fort Myers in the first place. For the record, we don’t think Fort Myers is quite as gritty as portrayed here (though City of Palms Park is in a not-so-great part of town), and Naples is close enough for someone who likes a more upscale experience. Sarasota, we find, isn’t quite as upscale as this article indicates.

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