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Dodgertown to get even quieter with closure of business center

Dodgertown and Holman Stadium, which will sit empty during Spring Training 2009, may be even quieter after Aramark basically shuts down operations at the Dodgertown Sports and Conference Center in Vero Beach. Aramark served notice to the state that 98 employees would be laid off — which, we’ve been told, is basically the entire workforce — as Aramark shutters business-meeting areas, hotel rooms and banquet rooms at Dodgertown. The future of Dodgertown and Holman Stadium is in doubt: Indian River County and Vero Beach officials have dangled $13 million in improvements to the Orioles as John Angelos and crew work toward finding a new spring-training home. There has been talk of a summer-collegiate Florida Collegiate State League taking up residence next year, but Vero Beach is quite a ways from the league’s base of operations in the greater Orlando area, though a team in Cocoa may also be a good idea for some territorial balance.

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