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Dodgertown without the Dodgers

We all knew this would be a rough spring in Vero Beach, the first for the community after the departure of the Dodgers from Dodgertown. Now Indian River County is scrambling to bring back baseball, but the chances are amateurs, not pros, will on the field.

Today, the storied Dodgertown complex sits empty, locked to the outer world. Vendor Aramark pulled out at the end of 2008, so the business center is closed as well. And while Indian River County officials worked hard to bring a team back to Dodgertown and Holman Stadium for spring training — Baltimore Orioles officials came the closest to pulling the trigger before the county withdrew its offer — none is forthcoming, and no one really expects a pro team to return.

The issue, then, is what happens to Dodgertown next spring and beyond. Here are some scenarios.

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