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City of Palms Park site pitched as natatorium location

City of Palms Park, slated to serve one more season as the spring home of the Boston Red Sox, could become the site of a natatorium if the National Swimming Center Corp. can raise enough funds.

Lee County is exclusively negotiating with National Swimming Center Corp. through Sept. 12.

Still, there are many baseball enthusiasts in Lee County and Fort Myers who want to see the ballpark used for spring training. It appears there’s very little chance a team will want a situation that the Red Sox found sorely lacking. With training facilities a mile down the road from the actual ballpark, it’s the exact setup most teams have fleed in recent years.

The hopes of baseball enthusiasts were raised a little when the Washington Nationals prepared a list of proposed ballpark upgrades to Brevard County, as the two sides negotiate on an extension of the team’s spring-training lease for Space Coast Stadium. These sorts of proposals happen all the time; to see it as evidence that the Nats are ready to bail on Brevard County is laughable, at best.

[Ed. — the ballpark would be torn down under the plan. The ballpark would not be converted to a natatorium.)

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