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Additional Spring Training Security on Tap for 2017

Spring Training 2017Games begin this week, and we know most of you have begun your game-day planning. There is something new from MLB that you should note: Additional spring training security at ballpark gates.

Beginning this week, spring-training fans will need to plan to run the gauntlet when it comes to additional spring training security measures. Now, if you’ve attended MLB games in the past few years, you know the drill: metal detectors at the gates, mandatory bag searches, emptying pockets of metal (keys, phones, etc.). No knives or weapons will be allowed in the ballpark. Once you’re in, you’re in: no re-entry if you leave the ballpark. So give yourself plenty of time to enter the ballpark and think seriously about cramming that backpack before you leave home or your hotel room.

By the way: you can still bring backpacks/purses/baby bags to the ballpark, despite what some other media outlets have reported. The bags technically must measure 16 x 16 x 8 inches, and it’s subject to search. That’s been the rule for most teams in past years of spring training, and now it’s a mandatory policy from MLB.

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