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A’s Hold First Spring Training Workout; M’s Debut Today

Spring Training 2019Spring training 2019 is officially underway, with the Oakland Athletics launching workouts yesterday and the Seattle Mariners following suit today.

Most teams have pitchers and catchers reporting between today and Friday, but the A’s and the M’s reported early because the teams are breaking camp early to open the season in mid-March during a Tokyo trip. So the Athletics’ pitchers and catchers worked out for the first time yesterday, while the Mariners pitchers and catchers reported yesterday and are working out today. Workouts this time of year are pretty basic, as you can see:

Meanwhile, pitchers and catchers checked in at Peoria Sports Complex and underwent physicals. Reporting days, quite honestly, are pretty boring: the physicals are perfunctory now that players tend to stay in shape during the offseason. And many players have been working out for weeks. Here’s the scene from Peoria Sports Complex:

Here is a full list of reporting dates.

Here is a guide to team workouts at the beginning of spring training.

One thing to note: even though there are very few official workouts yet, you can find players unofficially working out mornings at many spring complexes. If you’re in Arizona or Florida, heading over to a training complex and seeing who’s working out may not be a bad use of your time.

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