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Spring Training 2019 Starts Today!

Spring Training 2019Yes, the best day on the calendar has finally arrived: today sees the first workouts for pitchers and catchers, which means we are at the official start of spring training 2019.

Yesterday pitchers and catcher reported for the Oakland Athletics, with the first workout at the Lew Wolff training center set for later this morning. The A’s were the first team to report for spring training and the first team to hold workouts. (Why? The team is traveling to Tokyo in mid-March to open the 2019 regular season against the Seattle Mariners.) The Mariners, meanwhile, will have pitchers and catchers report today, with the first workouts at the Peoria Sports Complex set for tomorrow. Other teams have pitchers and catchers reporting as early as tomorrow and as late as Feb. 15. Check out the list here:

2019 Spring Training Reporting Dates

Workouts for all teams are open to the public. Generally, teams will gather for morning and early afternoon workouts, but schedules are not released to the public, and there are no guarantees on who might be working out in public. If you want to head out to workouts before games start on Feb. 21 and Feb. 22, check out our workouts guide:

2019 Spring Training Workout Schedules

When games start on Feb. 21 and Feb. 22, workouts are curtailed. A tip for those in search of specific players: head to workout areas when teams are on the road for games. Most starters are left behind and will be at the practice fields.

We will be Arizona beginning Feb. 23 to hit some early-season games, check out Scottsdale Stadium improvements, and then tour the renovations at the Milwaukee Brewers spring-training facility before the first game at Brewers Fields of Phoenix.

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