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Capacity 9,500
Year Opened 1977
Dimensions 335L, 385LC, 400C, 385RC, 335R
Surface Grass
Local Airport Orlando
Ticket Prices $15-$60
Tickets on Sale Monday, November 19
Ticket Line 800/745-3000
Ticket Web Site
Address 700 S. Victory Lane, Lake Buena Vista, Disney World.
Directions Lake Buena Vista is located in the southwest corner of Orlando. Take I-4 to Hwy. 192 West and follow signs to Magic Kingdom/Wide World of Sports, right onto Victory Way. (Directions at Disney World are clear and plentiful. Follow the signs to Wide World of Sports.)

Atlanta Braves 2019 Spring Training: If You Go….

The Atlanta Braves train in Disney World, a centerpiece for spring breaks nationally. Most of the folks in the Disney World parks on any given day are not there to attend a morning practice or a Braves fan, but their very presence means you’ll need to navigate the crowds.

If you plan on attending Atlanta Braves spring training and are outside the Orlando area, your first choice is both simple and complex: will you be staying in a Disney hotel and taking advantage of amenities like bus service to the ballpark? Seems like it’s a simple choice, but it’s not. The pros for staying in Disney World: if you plan things right, you can take the Disney bus system to and from the ballpark, and you can take advantage of the above-average amenities found in a Disney World hotel. Even the lowest-priced Disney hotels will have some killer features like large pools and entertainment for the kids. True, the rooms are small and the hotels sprawl, but you’ll be close to the action. If you’re combining some visits to the parks with a hotel stay, you’ll save on parking and you’ll have some expanded hours available only to resort guests.

Champion Stadium

The resorts closest to the ballpark are all lower-priced: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort and Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. Now, close is a relative measure when it comes to the sprawling Disney World complex: there’s no walking from any of these resorts to the ballpark, and they’re designed as islands of happiness in the swamps of Florida. If your family is into sports — and chances are they are if you’re attending Atlanta Braves spring training in Disney World — we’d recommend staying at the All-Star Sports Resort. No, the rooms aren’t made up with a sports motif — you will keep your clothes in closets, not lockers — but there’s a great pool and plenty of activities scheduled for kids.

Be warned that you are paying a premium to stay in a Disney World hotel, even if you’ve signed up for the cheapest rooms possible. And that’s why many Braves fans heading to spring training have decided to stay outside the ballpark in one of the many less-expensive hotels along I-4 or toward Kissimmee. As we said, Orlando is a prime center for spring break (despite the city’s land-locked nature; no romps on the beach for Orlando fans), and there are certainly enough hotel rooms in the general area to fit any price level. The nice thing about Champion Stadium is that it is located on the south side of Disney World and is very accessible via freeway. I-4 and Hwy. 192 are two main drags through the southwest side of Orlando, and both run near the ballpark, so it’s easy to stay far from the madding crowds of Disney World and head directly to the ballpark daily.

Really, we’re talking no-lose situation here. But do take the time to shop around and find a price you’re comfortable paying.

The Braves were originally scheduled to move spring-training operations to North Port, Florida, in 2019. However, that move was delayed to 2020. That leaves one last spring-training season in Disney World.

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Atlanta Braves Spring Training Home | If You Go … | More Photos | 2019 Schedule | Minor League Schedule

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