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JetBlue Park repairs scheduled

JetBlue Park 2018

A $1.6-million contract covering JetBlue Park repairs has been awarded to a local construction firm, as issues with the concrete and roof at the spring home of the Boston Red Sox should be addressed this year.

The issues are not related and mostly fall under the heading of normal wear and tear. Cracks in the concrete and other concrete-related problems with the handrails have been attributed to construction issues relating to the sand-heavy soil settling under JetBlue Park, and issues with the roof are attributed to normal wear and tear. All in all, the offseason JetBlue Park repairs should cost around $1.7 million, with the funding coming from the Lee County hotel tax. From the Fort Myers News-Press:

Last December, the county characterized the roof as “corroding” but now refers to the damage as “normal wear and tear.”

Damage to the concrete structures, including handrails that have pulled away from the walls, are considered issues that arose due to the shifting sands beneath the stadium.  

In a report to the Board of County Commissioners, the county’s facilities construction and maintenance staff reported that “normal settling has occurred in multiple locations throughout the stadium, causing concrete to crack.”

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