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Launch of spring training delayed to March 12

With the first two series of the 2022 MLB regular season canceled by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, the beginning of spring training has been pushed back again, this time to a tentative start date of March 12.

For the average fan, the talks between players and MLB reps are an exercise in absurdity; the billionaires and the millionaires are indeed squabbling over the proceedings of one of the richest sports in the world. We’re not going to go into a deep dive over what differentiates the two sides–here’s a very player-centric view of the proceedings, while we’d recommend following Jesse Rogers for some solid reporting–but at the end of the day fans are going to blame both sides for what’s happening. MLB presented a best offer that went nowhere with players; Manfred and his cohorts declared a break.

Yeah, this is all a massive exercise in stupidity. Wednesday will be a break for everyone; let’s see what happens Thursday.

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