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More Schedules Released; Books Updated as Well

As we continue our march toward spring training 2020, more details are appearing on a weekly basis. We’ve added game times for three more teams, as well as adding more games to the schedule.

We’ve updated every schedule on Spring Training Online, as well as the Grapefruit League and Cactus League master schedules (the list for specific teams is in the next section), complete with several previously unannounced games. (The schedule updates affect every team, even those not releasing home schedules yet; for those teams, away-game times have been updated as well.) We’ve also updated our Complete Guide to Spring Training 2020 books, with new schedule addendums for the Florida and Arizona paperback editions and new sections in the eBooks. (BTW: If you ordered the eBook from us, you received an email with a new link for an updated edition. In addition, the updated eBooks have been uploaded to Amazon and Apple Books and available immediately.) As more team update spring-training schedules, we’ll continue to update schedule addendums (for paperback editions) and eBook texts, and we’ll let you know when they are available.

We’re still awaiting plenty of new information on spring training 2020 schedules besides these game times; only a few teams have announced when tickets go on sale, and more need to announce reporting dates and promotions. But the game times alone will be a huge help when you plan your trip.

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