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Second round of Peoria Stadium renovations underway

San DIego Padres logoWork is underway on the second round of Peoria Stadium renovations, as the spring home of the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres sports improvements for 2015 — with fans benefiting from the current changes.

It’s been a two-year renovation of the suburban Phoenix complex, which launched a new era of spring training upon opening as the first two-team facility. Overall, it’s been a success for all involved so far: the teams were the first recipients of the upgrades, with both clubhouses and training facilities upgrade before this year’s spring training. This offseason’s upgrades are more oriented for the fans and include an expanded front gate, more ticket windows and seat upgrades. From Independent Newsmedia:

Peoria Sports Complex Sports Facilities Manager Chris Calcaterra says in addition to the improvements for the players, fans will also benefit from the Phase 2 changes, which include stadium seat renovations, a new team store, a renovated front entrance and an expanded box office with 12 ticket windows instead of four. The widened stadium main gate will ease foot traffic flow and take customers past the new team shop to their seats.

The two-story team store – combined for both teams –will consist of 2,400 square feet and also feature a connecting party deck (when completed in 2015) that connects with the seating area and offers a lot of fan amenities. Beginning in 2016, when Phase 3 is completed, fans with children can visit a kids area adjacent to the team shop and south of the left field lawn seating area.

Mr. Calcaterra says the expansions are all about fan comfort and reaching out to families. “We’re going after a new (younger) generation of fans,” he says “as well as making the facility more friendly for families with children.”

Peoria Stadium really is a great place to take in a game. Your best bet: arriving early and having lunch at one of the many restaurants in the general area, followed by a short walk to the ballpark. Peoria Stadium is one of the gems of the Cactus League, and these upgrades can’t help but improve that experience.

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