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Spring Training 2018 Reporting Dates Finalized

spring training 2018Another milestone in the march toward spring training: We have the total and final list of spring training 2018 reporting dates for all 30 MLB teams, with basically every team operating between Feb. 13 and Feb. 19.

You can view the full list here.

Reporting for spring training is a multistep process more beholden to tradition than you might think. First, pitchers and catchers report for physicals. In the old days of spring training, this was an important days: players would spend the offseason on their own and then use spring training to get into shape. Today, those pitchers and catchers report in good shape — and you would for a multimillion-dollar contract — so the physicals usually don’t yield any surprises. After the pitchers and catchers report, they work out the following day. The process repeats when the position players report several days later. Again, there shouldn’t be many surprises when the position players report for physicals.

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