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Spring Training 2018 Workouts Begin

2018 spring trainingSpring training 2018 workouts begin today and tomorrow for every MLB team — the next milestone in this year’s spring season.

Most teams had position players report yesterday and today, with the first workouts set for today and tomorrow (or, in the case of the Nationals, Wednesday). To see when your favorite team begins workouts, check out our calendar:

2018 Spring Training Reporting Dates

For information on workout schedules and what you can do at the camps, check out our workout guide:

2018 Spring Training Workout Schedules

Keep in mind that most teams do not release a daily workout schedule. Fans are encouraged to show up and stroll the camps, but there’s no guarantee all workouts will be open to the public, and there are times when there are few players are actually workout out, with practices preempted by team and MLB meetings. Still, there are far worse ways to spend morning watching some prospects running bunting drills on a practice field.

Also, keep in mind the workout schedules go to the wayside when games start on Thursday and Friday. Teams will not run full workouts, and if you hit your favorite team’s camp when the team is on the road, you may be able to see your favorite players take BP if they’re not playing that day. We’ll cover that later this week when games start.

As for us: We’ll be heading to Florida Wednesday, taking in the annual Boston Red Sox/Northeastern/Boston College doubleheader and a Minnesota Twins/University of Minnesota Golden Gopher match on Feb. 22. (A triple header to begin the season! Yes!) We’ll then spend the next week in the Grapefruit League before heading to Arizona and the Cactus League in March.

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