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First minor-league schedules posted

Schedules for Spring Training 2009 continue to be released, as the New York Yankees have released a minor-league schedule.

This season sees some changes on the minor-league schedule front. Because the minor-league regular season begins later than normal (another one of those quirks of the calendar; last year they started early), minor-league scrimmages won’t begin until the 20th or so. Most minor leaguers are expected to report around March 7, which is the same as in previous years.

The Yankees will be part of a four-team scrimmage pool against the Phillies, Blue Jays and Pirates. Previously the Pirates had scrimmaged against the southern teams, but with the move of Tampa Bay to Port Charlotte the Pirates shifted north.

New York Yankees Minor-League Schedule

Philadelphia Phillies Minor-League Schedule

Pittsburgh Pirates Minor-League Schedule

Toronto Blue Jays Minor-League Schedule

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