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2021 Orioles game times posted

Baltimore Orioles 2021We’ve posted the 2021 Orioles game times for Baltimore’s spring training at Ed Smith Stadium, but there has been precious little other training camp information released recently.

You can view the updated 2021 Orioles schedule here.

We’ve also updated our master Grapefruit League schedule here.

Normally we’d be in full swing when it comes to spring training, with several teams already putting tickets on sale. But in the total dumpster fire that is 2020, we only have the general intention by MLB to hold spring training in 2021, with only a few teams posting game times (in addition to Baltimore, the Rangers, Royals and Cubs have posted game times) and no teams offering season tickets, much less single-game tickets. Sure, there are a few teams accepting season-ticket applications, but none are actually being processed.

So how does this fit into your spring-training planning? First, be heartened by the fact that spring training is still scheduled for February and March, and Florida is a state where fans are allowed into outdoor sports venues. (Arizona, not so much at this time.) Teams and concessionaires are still planning on fans being allowed into games, but there’s no firm commitment to this plan–yet.

Complicating things are negotiations between the players union and MLB over the parameters of the 2021 season. Both sides want to see a full season, but MLB wants to launch play on a regular schedule, and the players would not mind seeing a season delay and playoffs running as late as December. The lack of progress on a plan has been a little irritating, to be sure, but it reflects the lack of progress in the battle against COVID-19: a government goal of 20 million vaccines by the end of the year has yielded only 2 million doses actually administered, and January 2021 may end up being rougher than anticipated. There have been whispers in MLB circles that spring training and the 2021 season could be delayed by a month, with Minor League Baseball players training a month after the MLB squads.

So our advice? Keep planning for a late February/March training-camp season, but be flexible and make no nonrefundable purchases: make sure you can cancel those hotel rooms. We’ve begun making our plans, but we’re prepared to change them immediately.

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