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Equipment heading to Spring Training; players to follow

Boston Red Sox logoThis weekend saw many teams ship equipment to Arizona and Florida in anticipation of spring training — including the Boston Red Sox, who celebrated Truck Day on Saturday.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers have already reported to spring training, but they’re the outliers: they need to cram in a regular-length spring training in a truncated schedule, as the two teams begin the regular season on March 22-23 in Sydney, Australia. The other MLB teams all report this week — see here for a schedule — and so they need equipment shipped from home bases. The Boston Red Sox turned this into a commercial success, launching Truck Day and signing JetBlue as a sponsor.

This year saw the Red Sox ship the following from Fenway Park:

  • 20,400 baseballs
  • 1,100 bats
  • 200 batting gloves
  • 200 batting helmets
  • 320 Batting Practice tops
  • 160 white game jerseys
  • 300 pairs of pants
  • 400 t-shirts
  • 400 pairs of socks
  • 20 cases of bubble gum
  • 60 cases of sunflower seeds

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