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Teams announce 2021 spring tickets plans

Spring Training 2021A few MLB teams and spring-training facilities have announced 2021 spring tickets sales dates, as work continues on an on-time start to this year’s spring-training season.

To be sure, spring training in February and March remains far from a done deal. We do have reporting dates and game dates, and more and more teams are releasing game times–yesterday, we posted game times for the Brewers and the Indians–and today we have some additional information from two complexes on their 2021 spring tickets plans.

As we noted here, The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches placed season tickets on sale last Friday, and the plan now is to put single-game tickets on sale Feb. 3. That’s good news for Washington Nationals and Houston Astros fans wanting to nail down planning dates.

We also have a ticket announcement from Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins: Season tickets will go on sale Feb. 1, with remaining single-game tickets going on sale later in the month.

We may be looking at a scarcity of spring-training ducats: according to Matt Slatus, general manager at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, his complex will limit attendance to around 1,500 fans per game, with tickets sold in socially distanced pods of between one and six fans, and the pods will be located six feet away from other pods. None of this is a surprise if you’re been reading our coverage of how MLB teams and complexes plan on running spring training: we’ve been reporting about socially-distanced seating and other precautions since last fall. And what Slatus says fits right in what MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred issued to teams and complexed regarding fan guidelines for 2021: social distancing, smaller crowds, and limited access to players.

Of course, there’s still the chance spring training may be delayed, and the exact number of players invited to camp remains to be determined; virtually everyone in the industry expects one MLB/AAA spring training session starting on time, followed by a separate MiLB spring training session. Still, with teams announcing plans for putting tickets on sale, the assumption is that spring training will begin on time in February and run through March.

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