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Cactus League officials ask for spring training delay

2021 Cactus League spring trainingWhile MLB teams update schedules and announce tickets on sale, Cactus League city and tribal officials are asking MLB to delay the start of spring training and at the same time prepping for a February launch.

Here’s the letter sent to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred:

As noted, MLB doesn’t have the sole power to delay spring training: that decision must be made in conjunction with the players union, and so far the union has expressed little interest in delaying the start of spring training and subsequently extending the season. And as the letter notes, Cactus League cities are continuing to prep for an on-time spring training. So we’ll see how MLB responds.

UPDATE: Doesn’t sound like the players are eager to put off the beginning of spring training, per this statement from the union: “

“While we, of course, share the goals of a safe Spring Training and regular season, MLB has repeatedly assured us that it has instructed its teams to be prepared for an on time start to Spring Training and the Regular Season, and we continue to devote all our efforts to making sure that that takes place as safely as possible.”


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