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Ed Smith Stadium renovations right on schedule

Good news for fans looking forward to seeing the Baltimore Orioles play in a renovated Ed Smith Stadium: upgrades to the ballpark are proceeding right on schedule, and changes should be ready when the O’s open play on March 1.

For those attending past spring-training games in Sarasota — whether it be when the Chicago White Sox or Cincinnati Reds were in town — the changes will be dramatic. First, the ballpark walls were extended toward the street, giving the facility an indoor concourse. Second, awnings were installed over the seating area. Third, fans will find more than 100 new bathroom fixtures. And fourth, new exterior elements give the whole place a lighter, more Florida look.

Other changes to the ballpark include the installation of 7,100 seats recycled from Oriole Park at Camden Yards, as well as a slew of new concession and beer stands.

More from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

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