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Fifty 2015 spring training games posted

Cubs Park

We’ve posted 50 or so more games to our Cactus League and Grapefruit League schedules, allowing you to better plan your 2015 spring training adventures.

You can view the Grapefruit League master schedule here.

You can view the Cactus League master schedule here.

These schedules are still tentative and subject to change. However, we’re relatively confident that all of these games will end up being confirmed later this fall. Teams are a little slow in rolling out schedules, but we expect a few more to be released in coming weeks. We’ll see the most action after the World Series ends.

We do know much more about 2015 spring training than in previous weeks. We know games will begin around March 4 and end around April 4: for those of you needing to make condo and timeshare reservations, you should feel free to select a block of days in that time period. Generally speaking, over the course of the three or four days a team will play at least one home game — and if they don’t, a road game will certainly be within a short drive. As noted, we expect more 2015 spring training schedules to be released in coming weeks.

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