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Milwaukee Brewers spring training may move to Florida

Milwaukee BrewersThe Milwaukee Brewers are thinking about opting out of the team’s Maryvale Baseball Park lease in Phoenix and moving spring-training operations to the Tampa Bay area.

You can read more about it at our sister site, Ballpark Digest.

The Milwaukee Brewers spring training move would not be a surprise. The team has toyed with the idea of moving operations from Arizona to Florida in the past. The Brewers’ status as a Cactus League team is an accident of history. The team began life as the Seattle Pilots and naturally trained in Phoenix because of proximity, but after the team’s first season it was sold out of bankruptcy to Bud Selig, who kept the team’s training facilities in Phoenix because he owned a Scottsdale residence. There have been talk about the Brewers moving spring operations to Florida in the past: it certainly would be an easier drive for fans, as Tampa is about 500 miles closer than Phoenix.

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