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MLB revises 2022 spring training schedule

spring training 2022Late yesterday afternoon MLB threw us all the curveball of all curveballs: instead of just adding games to the 2022 spring training schedule, MLB decided to issue totally new slates for March 17-April 6.

Under the revised schedule, Cactus League teams will play a minimum of 17 or 18 games (varying by team) across the official 21-day window, while Grapefruit League teams will play a regionalized schedule. Teams on the West Coast of Florida will play a minimum of 18 games across the 21 days, and teams on the East Coast of Florida will play a minimum of 15 or 16 games.

The decision to issue a totally new schedule came after MLB canceled large swaths of games as a result of the MLBPA lockout, leaving in place a truncated schedule beginning on April 18. Instead of keeping that schedule and adding new games to the end to bridge the gap with the new regular-season schedule, MLB decided it was easier for them (and no one else!) to just issue a new schedule, breaking everyone’s spring plans.

We’ve updated our Grapefruit League and Cactus League schedules to reflect these changes. We’ll be updating team schedules during the course of the day.

If you’ve purchased tickets; well, you’ll need to go through the purchasing process again, although MLB folks say they’re still determining procedures and we’ll let you know as soon as we know. (Season ticket holders will not be subject to refunds, it appears.) Some teams are going ahead with refunds no matter what, issued within the next 30 days. And, to make your planning even more difficult, MLB has not released game times. Yes, we’re frustrated as well.

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